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In Loiri Porto San Paolo, a green tourist town, two new ecological islands for separate waste collection.

Starting July 8th, two automated, video-monitored, solar-powered eco boxes are available in Porto San Paolo and Vaccileddi.

Differentiated waste collection which combines the tourists needs in the municipality of Porto San Paolo with environmental conservation.

Porto San Paolo is a tourist village that welcomes thousands of tourists in the summer. Those who choose a holiday home and only stay for a few days may not be able to dispose of their waste in a manner consistent with the weekly schedule managed door-to-door by Multiservice, the company in charge of separate waste collection service.

The new eco-boxes are therefore a solution to meet the needs of the many tourists who want to respect their host village rules and the surrounding environment.


Two automated eco-boxes in Porto San Paolo and Vaccileddi
Personalised with an evocative image, the computerised eco-boxes have been positioned in Porto San Paolo, in Viale Don Sturzo, in the square next to the Carabinieri building, and in Vaccileddi, in the area next to the market square.

Available all year round, 24 hours a day
The eco-box are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. They are automated, powered by both solar and electrical energy and equipped with cameras.

Type of waste
Dry and wet waste, paper and cardboard, plastic and aluminium, small household appliances (weee), batteries and expired medicines can be delivered.

How eco-boxes work

All you need is the tax code card or health card to deposit your waste at any time of the day.