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Costa Dorata Beach is a beautiful beach of medium-grained sand, golden shades and basically free of Posidonia algae. Deeper in the center and to the right, it is occupied for almost half of its extension by a bathhouse adjacent to a hotel.

The seabed is of medium depth but extremely transparent, very particular and completely sandy in the center of the beach, and its predominant color is a pale green with shades of a more decisive green, like emerald, especially in the morning. At the ends of the beach there are two low cliffs. In particular, the one on the right is particularly frequented in the morning by glances, bream, damselfish and damsels, who linger without fear of being attacked.
The presence of cormorants also near the shore is very frequent in midsummer, while the presence of flycatchers and seagulls is usual.
Behind the Costa Dorata beach there is a hotel on the right side, while the Mediterranean scrub grows luxuriantly in the center and on the left: mastic, myrtle, juniper and cistus. Opposite, however, not even 5km away, is the island of Molara. The stretch of sea exactly in front of this beach is that of the renowned natural pools of Molara, which can therefore be easily reached even with small boats.
Costa Dorata beach can be reached in different ways: on foot from Cala Tuccia to the north or from the Don Diego hotel to the south, or via the road that leads to Cala Finanza, turning right about 800 meters. after entering that road coming from the SS 125.