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Thanks to the ten-year experience of the owners Luciano Danese (A.I.B.E.S. barman since 1979) and Elda Giacintucci, RISS has now become a privileged and indispensable destination for anyone staying in Porto San Paolo. All our products are selected and prepared every day by hand:
– in the ice cream parlor where the production of classic high quality artisan ice cream is accompanied by the production of gluten-free ice cream suitable for all those with special dietary needs;
– in the Cocktail Bar thanks to the presence of one of the A.I.B.E.S. more prepared and known internationally;
– in the Cafeteria, where thanks to the contribution of the best Arabica blend produced by ILLY S.p.a. a menu has been developed to suit everyone’s tastes and needs;
– in the small pastry shop where you will be bewitched by the tasty homemade ice cream cakes.

What we offer
Artisan ice cream parlor
Italian coffee shop
Italian pastry
Cocktail & Lounge Bar
Lunch Time
Internet cafe
Free Wi-Fi
Document printing service

Tel:        +39 078940061