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The history of the Zanda artisan company begins in the 1960s at the hands of Diego Zanda.
Until 1998 the company carried out countless public and private works, such as roads, schools, water and sewage works, purification plants, restoration of historic buildings under the supervision of the superintendence for environmental and cultural heritage, numerous residential houses in different areas of Sardinia.
In 1998 the company Zanda Diego and Figli Costruzioni was born: Diego’s sons Riccardo and Fabrizio joined them. The company is organized and is more oriented towards purely civil and residential construction. The focus of the activity is concentrated in Porto San Paolo, where several villas, apartments and residential villages are built.
However, this evolution does not affect the original artisan style of the company, characterized by the constant and assiduous supervision of the partners on the construction sites. We believe that this is the strength of our company: works carried out with care and precision, down to the smallest detail.

What we offer
Civil and commercial constructions and renovations
Reinforced concrete works
Masonry structures
Flooring and coatings
Work at height with the help of aerial platforms
Road works

How to reach us
crossroads of via Limbara – Porto San Paolo (OT)

Tel:      +39 0789 40205


Zanda Costruzioni



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