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In Porto San Paolo you will find most of the essential public services, such as the tourist medical service and ATMs

We have selected 5 things to do in and around Porto San Paolo.
Explore the beaches from Porto Istana to Cala Brandinchi. Hire a kayak, dinghy or pedalo, take a trip to Tavolara and Molara, explore the seabed of the Tavolara archipelago with a diving centre, let yourself be guided to the top of Tavolara island.

Explore the beaches from Porto Istana to Cala Brandinchi
You have finally arrived here in the Tavolara Archipelago, the stretch of coastline from Capo Ceraso to Capo Coda Cavallo. First, you can’t miss the beaches and small coves. Starting from the north, the largest and best equipped are Porto Istana, Marina Maria, Costa Corallina, Porto Taverna, Lu Impostu and Cala Brandinchi.

Rent a kayak, dinghy or pedalo
On the main beaches you can spend a day taking advantage of the beach umbrella and sunbed hire services, kayak and pedalo hire, kiosks and bar-restaurants. At Porto San Paolo you can contact Ciemme Boat Service for rubber dinghies. At Cala Finanza you will find Pegaso rentals for dinghies and kayaks. At Porto Taverna, dinghy, kayak and sup hire is offered by Mare azzurro, and at Lu Impostu Blue Dream Service.

Ferry trip to Tavolara
A visit to the island of Tavolara and Molara is not to be missed. You can buy a ticket for the ferries to Tavolara departing from Porto San Paolo, which provide the transport service. You can book a trip to the Tavolara archipelago that includes a dip in the pools of Molara and ends on Tavolara Island at lunchtime. From Tavolara Island you can return comfortably with the same ticket you bought for the excursion, taking the ferry in the afternoon at the time of your choice.

Diving and snorkelling on the seabed of Tavolara and Molara
If you are a diving and snorkelling enthusiast and would like to enjoy an unforgettable experience, there are two diving centres in Porto San Paolo, Porto San Paolo Dive Center a.s.d and Tavolara Diving, while in Porto Taverna, directly on the beach, you will have another choice, thanks to Mare Azzurro, to explore the seabed accompanied by professional instructors.

Climbing the island of Tavolara and other nature excursions
For those who love climbing, the Tavolara Island climb is the most fascinating thing this stretch of coast has to offer. Here again, it is necessary to be guided by professional guides who will accompany you to the top, thanks to a path that in the last stretch becomes a via ferrata. Thanks to guided programmes offered by Centro Escursioni la Tramontana and Taxi e Transfer Meledina, you can also go a little further afield, reach small waterfalls, gorges and mountain paths that will take you into a wild and unforgettable nature.