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The beach of Cala Finanza is undoubtedly one of those that has kept its original appearance in the Porto San Paolo area, which is about 3 km away. The beach, which is located on the opposite side of the tourist port of the same name, faces south-east, therefore protected from the mistral but exposed to the sirocco. The beach is medium in size and consists of medium-grained sand.
The beach is not equipped and there are no services.
Splendid green / blue backdrop, sandy in the center of the beach and more rocky on the sides, with a sort of corridor in the center which then gives space to a sort of natural swimming pool after about twenty meters. The cliff on the left side sees the presence of good fish fauna: damsels, damselfish, small gray mullets and snappers
Another notable element of this beach is the view of the Island of Tavolara from its most majestic side. From here it appears narrow and immediately very high with a decisive green even in the height of summer, which cannot leave you indifferent.

The beach of Cala Finanza is surrounded behind by a rather florid Mediterranean scrub. There are mastic, cistus, myrtle and some beautiful wild junipers which are a refuge for small birds such as flycatchers and sc, while the presence of cormorants and the common and Corsican gull is also frequent near the shore.

Less than 1 km as the crow flies from the beach of Cala Finanza is the wreck of the Greek ship Chrisso, which sank on December 31, 1974 due to a storm that hit the gulf. A splendid snorkeling opportunity for enthusiasts (the marker buoy is mandatory, the area is crossed by boats) because this wreck has become the home of populous colonies of fish that make it one of the most photographed spots by divers throughout Sardinia.