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Our company operates in the sector of public and private, civil and industrial environmental hygiene services. We work to improve the health and hygiene level of the places we live in: urban areas, natural habitats, agricultural areas, green areas, interiors and exteriors of any type of buildings and means of transport such as boats, trains, airplanes, buses, etc.

By pest control we mean:
monitoring of the degree and species of the pest and environmental conditions;
identification of pests present;
design of the “plan of struggle”;
prevention practices to reduce the factors that favor the development of pests (prevention protects us from unwanted emergency interventions that involve health and image danger as well as unforeseen economic outlays);
control verification and evaluation of results. We use superior quality products authorized by the Ministry of Health. The procedures adopted ensure an excellent result in compliance with the environment and current regulations: Legislative Decree 626 and protocol H.A.C.C.P. We carry out site inspections and free estimates

What we offer
larvicidal / adulticidal disinfestation against flying and crawling insects
disinfection – sanitization with Ozone
rodent control
pest monitoring
civil-industrial weeding
phytosanitary treatments
anti-woodworm (MA.BI system)

Tel:      +39 3496192726


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