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Punta Corallina beach can be reached in less than 10 minutes from the center of Porto San Paolo
It is made up of 2 beaches, one facing north and one facing east, of similar size. The double exposure makes this beach accessible depending on the prevailing wind and the medium-fine-grained sand, very light with golden reflections, make it one of the most popular in the area. But the transparency of the water and the seabed are undoubtedly the strong points of this beach. In fact, the cliff that divides the beach in two (and from which it takes its name), has a beautiful medium-depth seabed that, especially in the morning or at sunset, swarms with small fish: murmurs, glances, damselfish, damsels, salpe, sometimes garfish and small cuttlefish share the reef. Ideal for spending time snorkeling in an area of undoubted scenic beauty.

The beach of Punta Corallina is bordered by small dunes where the lily of the dunes is often clearly visible, especially from May to July.
The poultry fauna of the area, although it does not include flamingos (which are still found in the area even if not on this beach), sees the presence of coots, lapwings and of course cormorants, gulls (both common and real), teal and sometimes herons.