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Places to eat & drink in Porto San Paolo an surroundings

You have a wide choice of what to eat in Porto San Paolo and the surrounding area. From the pizzeria in the village, to the BBQ on the hill of Monte Petrosu, from the gourmet restaurant on the beach of Porto San Paolo or Porto Taverna, from the inn on the main street of the village, to the churrascaria by the sea.

Sardinian cuisine is a fantastic blend of land and sea flavours, accompanied by honey and almond desserts. The terrain in Gallura is not suitable for growing vegetables, but fresh, wholesome fruit and vegetables come from the south of the island.

Not to be missed are the cured meats and sheep’s milk cheeses, which bear witness to the pastoral culture prevailing in this area. Fresh fish baked in salt or grilled, mussels and clams in tasty soups, octopus accompanied by potatoes and parsley and fried squid are the main protagonists on the menus of the restaurants in this area. There is no shortage of more articulated proposals, offered by restaurants where dishes are also inspired by other areas of Sardinia, using, for example, mullet roe, fresh tuna fish and typical pastas such as culurgiones or macarones de busa or finally fregola. For meat lovers, the choice and quality are just as generous, thanks to the care taken by restaurateurs in purchasing local pork, veal, lamb, and mutton.