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The flavours you will enjoy during your holiday in the Tavolara Archipelago could be shared with your friends returning home. What nicer than ending a holiday feeling like you are still there, where you had a happy experience?
Shops and market in Porto San Paolo offers few suggestions for you such as sheep’s milk cheese, fresh or mature, spicy or garlic sausage with pepper and salt, simple or rosemary bread guttiau, asphodel or strawberry tree honey. But also mullet or tuna bottarga (dried fish eggs), sweets like seadas or malloreddus and ravioli pasta.
Sardinian jewellery with coral, black opal and the ‘eyes of Saint Lucia’ are good likes in our ancient culture. What you cannot miss is the Sardinian faith, a filigree ring made in different shapes in gold or silver.

The Porto San Paolo market

The Porto San Paolo market enlivens the village and attracts residents and tourists from all the neighbouring towns. It is held every week on Thursday mornings, and from June to September it becomes weekly , on Sunday.
The Thursday morning market materialises at the crack of dawn in the large car park in Via Pietro Nenni, while on Sundays (from June to September) it is held in the car park in Via del Corallo, near the sports ground.
The pleasure of shopping at the Porto San Paolo market represents an opportunity for the many tourists, traders and residents to meet and greet and to buy fresh food and handicrafts and household goods.
Typical products, fruit and vegetables, clothing, household goods

The stalls offer a wide range of products. From typical products, strictly produced in Sardinia, such as honey, cured meats, cheeses, torrone (nougat) and pane guttiau, to fruit and vegetables from the south of the island, clothing and household products. There are also stalls offering sarongs, beach bags and handmade jewellery.
A market that integrates itself and at the same time attracts new visitors, who also take advantage of the many shops in Porto San Paolo to do their shopping: beachwear, toys for children, fruit and vegetables, bakeries, butchers, supermarkets, clothing, furniture, handicrafts and jewellers.