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The municipality of Loiri Porto San Paolo celebrates its patron saints on the weekend of 29 June.

The health situation has made these events and festivities rarer, but the Municipality, civic associations and the inhabitants of the Borgo will soon return to organise this important feast.

The Feast of St Peter and St Paul and the Feast of Our Lady of the Sea

The religious celebrations are the Feast of St Peter and St Paul, on 29 June and the Feast of Ferragosto, on 15 August. On both occasions a mass and a procession are celebrated. On 15 August, the procession culminates in the beautiful waters between Porto San Paolo and Tavolara where dozens of boats accompany the statue of the Virgin Mary.
These moments, so important for the local culture, are always accompanied by secular festivals, which strengthen the sense of this community.
The programme includes games for children in the church square, performances by music and dance schools, evenings with concerts and music by dedicated DJs to entertain and dance until late at night. The streets of the village come alive with colourful stalls and host a dinner of traditional Gallura dishes. The celebrations end with performances by folk groups and concerts.

Food and wine festivals in Porto San Paolo

There is no lack of other events throughout the season that revolve around food and wine specialities and are organised by residents, who sincerely love to share these moments of conviviality with tourists and the inhabitants of the many neighbouring towns.

Li Frijoli d’austu

You may be lucky enough to taste the long frijoli, marvellous twisted pancakes that are a typical carnival dessert.

The Porcetto Festival
Or to see dozens of spits set up and ready to roast piglets for hours, to be enjoyed on a cool August evening accompanied by beer, Vermentino and Cannonau wine.

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